02 December 2005

Wildlife Protection Unit Training

Basic Level Protection Course - January 2006 - to be held in Bukit Tigapuluh National Park, Riau, Sumatra - Indonesia.

A month of intense field training for Tiger and Orangutan Protection Units is being organised by STCP for December 2005, and the offer to participate is being extended to other Indonesian and international conservation groups operating in Sumatra. At the same time the STCP and Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program are expanding their protection of the critical Bukit Tigapuluh habitat by increasing Protection Units from 5 to 7 teams. This move occurs simultaneously with the ongoing mission by STCP to double the size of the Bukit Tigapuluh NP through negotiations with local Government. If this is successful Bukit Tigapuluh will become the largest lowland protected forest in Sumatra. It will also be the most intensely protected - ensuring a future for tigers and orangutans in the wild. For more information (in English) see our Wild Tiger news website.

For further information contact:

Waldemar Hasiholan,
Philip Wells,
M. Yunus,
Neil Franklin.


Blogger deliar ahmad nadapdap said...

Lestarikan Harimau Sumatra....

24/6/09 01:06  
Blogger deliar ahmad nadapdap said...

Lestarikan harimau Sumatra

24/6/09 01:06  

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